Field Guide to Families

Below you’ll find posts from my blog Field Guide to Families at Psychology Today. There I share all kinds of educational and inspirational stories involving people grappling with contemporary family life issues. Through blog posts, interviews, and videos, you’ll learn better ways to communicate about everything from risky behavior, to coping with death and divorce, to bullying, to handling academic and work and social pressures. I’ll encourage you to dig to the heart of the challenging issues facing your family right now, and once armed with new knowledge and certain attitudes, you’ll be better able to influence others in positive ways, ultimately making family life happier and healthier for all. Hope you enjoy!

Lynne Griffin teaches family studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and she’s the author of the parenting guide Negotiation Generation, and the family novels Girl Sent AwaySea Escape and Life Without Summer. You can find her online at, at and at