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Life Without Summer

Dear Readers,

I’ve been a family life expert for more than twenty years, and there’s so much about my work counseling women, teaching parents, and observing children that inspires my fiction.

Life Without Summer weaves together the lives of Tessa, a young mother who has lost her four-year-old daughter in a hit and run accident outside her preschool, and Celia, the grief counselor who tries to help her put her life back together. As Celia struggles to keep Tessa from getting caught up in a bleak crusade for answers, she finds that their sessions open the door to emotions she’s spent years ignoring.

Writing this story gave me the chance to explore the fears that plague mothers. In truth, Life Without Summer started off as a portrait of two women whose lives converge unexpectedly after a tragedy, but it became so much more. It’s about the choices people make when faced with unbelievable pain. It’s about what really holds relationships together when they’re tested. It’s about the choice we all have to forgive.

As a counselor, I’ve always been struck by the healthy and unhealthy ways grief work gets done. As a novelist, I found a way to offer hope to others who may be afraid and to comfort those who know loss intimately. Like the women in my novels, I’ve felt the incredible longing to be whole again after losing a loved one, to be the person I was before grief introduced herself to me. Whether you’ve experienced loss or know someone who has, I invite you to escape into my stories, each reverberating universal themes about the connections between love and marriage and truth and forgiveness.

If you’d like to invite me to your book group to discuss the story, email me at PR at LynneGriffin dot com. If schedules permit, I can attend in person, by phone or Skype.

Best, Lynne Griffin

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