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Dear Readers,

Sea Escape is a deeply personal novel inspired by personal family letters. Like the character Laura Martinez, I too was wedged in the middle place, grappling with my busy life as a nurse, wife, and devoted mom to two young children, when my mother suffered a devastating stroke.

In this fictional story about the ties that bind mothers and daughters, Laura goes to Sea Escape, the pristine beach home that her mother Helen took refuge in when her carefully crafted life unraveled after the death of her beloved husband. In a desperate attempt to lure her mother into choosing life, Laura delves deeper into her tangled family history, reading love letters written by her father, each one revealing patchwork details of her parents’ marriage. Until she finds a common thread. A secret mother and daughter unknowingly share.

I hope you enjoy my fictional story of the powerful bond between one mother and her daughter. If you’d like to invite me to your book group to discuss the story, email me at PR at LynneGriffin dot com. If schedules permit, I can attend in person, by phone or Skype.

Best, Lynne Griffin




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