Parent Coaching & Education Consultation


Parent Coaching

In her individual parent sessions, Lynne helps you learn to respond proactively to your children’s behavior and reduce family conflict. In partnership,  you’ll  learn to leverage your children’s strengths and create specific plans to support t heir vulnerabilities in development, temperament,  and learning so they can reach their greatest potential and feel competent and confident.

Education Consultation

Together with Lynne, you’ll learn to create a next steps action plan that empowers you to navigate education and healthcare systems with confidence and respond to your child’s unique learning needs so he or she can thrive.

Through her education consulting services, Lynne can:

  • coach you to better understand your child’s unique learning profile and make informed decisions about your child’s education and healthcare
  • observe your child in his or her natural education setting to assess learning
  • review your child’s evaluations and testing results to help you to make sense of findings
  • streamline recommendations made by school staff and/or independent clinicians
  • recommend further testing if necessary and make appropriate referrals to colleagues/clinicians
    participate in education team meetings to make specific recommendations about your child’s learning strengths and challenges or to help design a meaningful individual education program (IEP).

Lynne Reeves Griffin RN, MEd

Lynne Griffin has over thirty years experience as a registered nurse, school & family counselor, and differentiated-learning specialist.

She is a nationally recognized expert on family life and the author of the family-focused novels, Girl Sent Away, Sea Escape, and Life Without Summer. Lynne is also the author of the parent guides, Let’s Talk About It: Adolescent Mental Health and Negotiation Generation.


Lynne Griffin is able to create an experience for parents that is safe for any kind of question, and her advice is always developmentally appropriate and thought provoking. Lynne is a key leader for parents.

–Nina Dickerman, Harvard.University

“Lynne Griffin brings to bear wide and practical experience and deep knowledge on all issues having to do with children and families. Her ability to foster confidence in both children and parents in the critical learning journey of young boys and girls is testimony to her understanding that all children are different, with their own special needs. I have found her to be articulate, measured and responsive, keenly aware of the dynamics of school and home. Lynne is, in short, a valued and trusted professional.”

– David Fedo—Executive Director, Wheelock College Singapore

“Lynne’s passionate delivery of information builds bridges among children, faculty, and parents. Her encouraging attitude, positive inquiry and perceptiveness make her an asset to any school or parent community.”

– Renee DuChainey-Farkes—Head of School, The Woodward School