“…a multi-generational novel that plucks the heartstrings.”

-Entertainment Weekly
Top 10 book of summer 2010

Sea Escape by Lynne Griffin

“Griffin’s carefully crafted characters ring heartbreakingly true and her finely wrought plot will snare readers from the first page.”

—Publishers Weekly

(Starred Review)

Life Without Summer

“Griffin challenges parents to assert their authority differently. This book, rich in anecdotes, will make a great addition to any parenting collection.”

—Library Journal



Stories entertain, enlighten, energize, and educate. I’m a registered nurse, family life educator, and novelist. I’ve spent over twenty years speaking, counseling, and writing about relationships. I believe in storytelling as a means of learning valuable life lessons. Through my novels, essays, interviews, and videos, I share compelling family stories that provide insight into the human condition. Thanks for stopping by.

Best, Lynne

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Characters With Special Needs Make for Exceptional Stories

In May I had the honor of speaking at the American Montessori Conference in Dallas alongside the remarkable Temple Grandin, author of many nonfiction books, including The Autistic Brain. She mesmerized the audience, sharing anecdotes about her childhood and how her insightful mother nurtured her at a time when little was known about autism. Her real life stories stole my


Father-Daughter Novels

My father walks me down the aisle. He does not look ahead to the altar, but rather stares adoringly at me. He whispers, “You will always be my girl.” Daddy is the first to arrive at the hospital after the birth of my daughter. He holds the tiny child so close and for so long


Novels about Mental Health & Illness

We read fiction to learn about things we do not understand. We read it to imagine lives unlike our own, or to commiserate with lives exactly like the ones that we are living. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), more than 4 percent of all adults endure mental illnesses classified as serious. The number