“…a multi-generational novel that plucks the heartstrings.”

-Entertainment Weekly
Top 10 book of summer 2010

Sea Escape by Lynne Griffin

“Griffin’s carefully crafted characters ring heartbreakingly true and her finely wrought plot will snare readers from the first page.”

—Publishers Weekly

(Starred Review)

Life Without Summer

“Griffin challenges parents to assert their authority differently. This book, rich in anecdotes, will make a great addition to any parenting collection.”

—Library Journal


Coming November 2015

--Roxana Robinson, author of Cost and Sparta, and President of The Author's Guild says:

“In Lynne Griffin’s new novel, she takes on a topic that’s rarely discussed but which richly deserves our attention: the fear-based teenage boot camps that serve as a dark undercurrent to our domestic culture. In this story, Griffin explores that somber, frightening world, through the twinned journeys of a troubled teenage girl and her grieving father. This is a terrific and terrifying story, and one that should be told. Brava to Griffin for having the courage to do so.”

Also coming in November is TALK ABOUT IT: ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH, a companion guide for reading GIRL SENT AWAY. Collaborate with Lynne to engage your community of parents, teachers, and teens in this important dialogue about preventive mental health. To invite Lynne to speak at your school, organization, or book club, email info@LynneGriffin.com.

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Entertainment Weekly says, “SEA ESCAPE is a multigenerational saga that will pluck the heartstrings.“

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