Acclaimed novelist and nationally recognized family expert, Lynne Griffin returns with SEA ESCAPE–an emotional, beautifully imagined story inspired by the author’s personal family letters about the ties that bind mothers and daughters. Available now.

Sea Escape - Paperback cover


Fans of Deep End of the Ocean and Good Grief will be transfixed by Lynne’s stunning debut novel, LIFE WITHOUT SUMMER about family, forgiveness, and the struggle to find hope in healing. Available now.


Family life expert Lynne Griffin helps you reclaim your position of authority with NEGOTIATION GENERATION, a proactive guide to raising your children. By establishing clear boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, you’ll win the tug-of-war with your children—and forge a stronger, more loving bond because of it.

With true stories from more than twenty years of family counseling, the author reveals the real struggles parents face in raising today’s children—and tells you how to step out of the negotiation generation and step back into control.



Decades of research show that when parents and teachers partner together around social-emotional learning, teens are better positioned to reach their greatest potential as healthy, active members of the community.


LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH is a companion guide for reading the novel GIRL SENT AWAY that provides specific ways parents and teachers can engage teens in conversations about mental health with the goal of building empathy, nurturing perspective-taking, and strengthening emotional resilience.

The guide and novel are designed for use with students in Grades 9-12, and the curriculum material and discussion questions are intended to complement literacy, media literacy, health, and social-emotional learning activities. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH and the companion novel GIRL SENT AWAY are available now.