I had the privilege of writing a guest post at Rogue Women Writers on Dark Emotions and Character Likability.

KJ Howe: Does your protagonist have to be likeable? Author Lynne Reeves doesn’t think so. In fact, she feels it can be quite compelling to have a challenging character at the helm. Read on to discover why…

Dark Emotions and Character Likability

By Lynne Reeves

No one’s ever accused me of writing likable characters. The protagonists of my four novels have been called, “divinely flawed; troubled; utterly deceptive.” They’ve also been called, “carefully crafted” and “wonderfully complex.”

I’m also a family counselor, and it’s become a badge of honor to have readers talk about my characters using dramatic language of any kind. I’m not a fan of reducing characters to either likable or unlikable. To me, debating likability in fiction reveals…[Read more here]